Conservatories or sun rooms add so much luxury and value to any house, and at Kit-fab supplies we have the know how to produce any design that is desired. Kit-Fab supplies will design, construct and install any conservatory to exact requirements

The most suitable style may be a contemporary look in the form of a pavilion or gable design, it may be that a traditional look is more appropriate, in this case maybe a Victorian or Edwardian influence could be right. Size of course is very important but not always easy to visualize, our production team will give you the right advice.

A new conservatory can be used for work, relaxation, or entertainment and as a place to enjoy the ambiance of the garden. A conservatory adds a new room to your house and can increase the value of your property. Kit-Fab supplies been manufacturing conservatories for years. KIT-Fab supplies uses thermally efficient glass and materials to give excellent air tightness and high heat loss resistance.

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