Polaris UPVC Windows

The great benefit of the Polaris UPVC Window is that it is A-Rated, high quality and great value. The Window can be double or triple glazed and comes in with a low U-Value of 1.08 W/m² K. Kitfab supplies uses the very best Laminate foil finish from Renolit. The finish to all colour options is of the highest quality.


  • UPVC POLARIS A1 rated, internally glazed windows
  • A1 energy rating
  • U Value 1.08 W/m²K
  • Independently certified to BS 6375-1
  • Argon gas filled units
  • Warm edged spacer bars
  • Double or triple glazed with a 70 mm frame
  • Trogan 90° fire escape hinges for heat insulation and security
  • Co extruded seals to avoid gasket shrinkage and heat loss
  • Internally Glazed, glass cannot be removed from outside
  • Anti-draft mechanism between hinges

Styles Available

  • Casement
  • French
  • Tilt and Turn
  • Bay and Bow
  • Sliding Sash
  • Bespoke


A frame thickness of 70mm and a unit size of 28mm makes for a sturdy and durable window. The Polaris also eliminates the unsightly and weak Y joint common to other Internally glazed UPVC windows. Bespoke UPVC windows can be any shape or size, like arched windows or triangular. Our production teams have a wealth of experience and can guide and advise our customers on a wide range of projects. We have experience in all materials used in the production of windows and doors. No matter how demanding a project may be, or out of the ordinary a customers request may be, at Kit-fab supplies you will find the soloution.

Kit-Fab supplies Upvc window is an A-rated window that comes in double or triple glaze. We extrude the profile for this window in white but can then add up to 10 different finishes such as golden oak or rosewood. These Laminate foil finishes come from Renolit a German company that are world renowned. We use the trogan heavy duty 90° hinge which is one of the best on the market. This hinge allows the window to be opened by sliding the sash towards the centre of the window, this allows for easy cleaning.

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